Why Smoking a Pipe Beats Any Other Method

Smoking tobacco has always been a part of the social life of Native Americans, the Chinese, Middle Easterners and lots of other ancient civilizations. Throughout time pipes have varied in both size and shape in order to adapt to the specific needs of a ritual or for personal or tribal use. Today, these handmade pipes are made in different designs and of many different materials offering a wide variety of options for tobacco use.

Anyone who is used to popping outdoors for a cigarette between meetings or during a short work break knows that smoking is enjoyable but fast. Depending on the type of cigarette you enjoy, you might find that the piece between your fingers burns out in a matter of mere minutes! How can you truly enjoy something that goes by so quickly and requires immediate replacement with yet another cigarette?

Though the practice of smoking a pipe is older, that does not mean that the modern cigarette is by any means a better practice. Not everything new is better than the older alternative. In fact, anyone who has truly enjoyed smoking a pipe will tell you that this is the best way to enjoy tobacco. Here are 4 reasons why pipe smoking is the most enjoyable form of smoking that will have you on the hunt for the best tobacco pipes.

Wooden Hand Made Pipe

It Feels Cool 

This is more than high school peer pressure levels of "cool." Smoking a pipe isn't cool because everyone does it, it is cool because many great men and women have done it. Many influential people have been photographed enjoying a pipe, and with how well it pairs with a suit and a well-maintained beard, it is no wonder why. Smoking a pipe just looks impressive it's as simple as that.

It's Sophisticated 

Pipe smoking is a far more elegant practice than smoking cigarettes. A pipe is a well-crafted piece that has an artful presence. Also, owning and maintaining a nice pipe is a sign of class. It makes its users appear thoughtful and educated. It also shows that you have done research and shopped for the best pipe you can find and have carefully selected the best tobacco flavor and strength to enjoy with it rather than simply popping into a gas station for a pack of cigs.

It's Highly Flavorful 

Many pipe smokers actually enjoy their tobacco without inhaling it deep into their lungs. That is because smoking from a pipe directly allows you to smell and taste its contents. Pipes were formulated long ago to be the best and most powerful way to taste the enjoyable flavor of a smooth and unique tobacco. That is why pipes have their unique shapes, after all. If you want the purest form of tobacco enjoyed at its best, then your smartest investment will be in a high-quality pipe.

It's a Calming Ritual 

As stated prior, smoking a cigarette can be quick. Smoking a pipe, meanwhile, is a longer and more enjoyable experience. Some smokers recommend that you set aside at least 20 minutes to enjoy smoking a pipe. That is because it takes longer for the contents of a pipe to deplete. Mostly, though, smoking a good pipe is so enjoyable that it will become a regular ritual for you something that you will associate with unwinding after work, socializing on weekend evenings, and calming the mind from the stress beyond your pipe.

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written by: Touch01

The views expressed herewithin do not promote the use of tobacco, which has been shown to be harmful for your health. This article promotes the wooden all in one pipe, the Odd O Box