The Advantages Of Smoking From A Real Wood Pipe

Are there advantages of smoking from a pipe made of real wood? Tobacco pipes are devices made specifically for smoking tobacco. It is composed of a bowl or chamber for the tobacco, from which a shank or hollow stem emerges. This ends in a bit or a mouthpiece. A tobacco pipe can range from artisanal, hand-made implements or machine-made briar models. Often, pipes become part of a collection. Smoking from a pipe is the oldest traditional known form of smoking tobacco. There are a few great reasons why smoking from a pipe is the preferred method of smokers around the globe.

What Are the Advantages of Smoking from a Real Wood Pipe?

Tobacco pipe bowls are usually made of clay, corncob, meerschaum or wood. There are lots of pipes made of wood with dense grains such as bog-wood, oak, mesquite, maple, walnut and cherry wood. Smokers are well-acquainted with the comfort and great flavor that smoking from a wooden pipe creates. Sometimes, carvings decorate a wooden pipe. Tobacco pipe bits and stems are usually made of materials like Lucite or vulcanite. Sometimes, hollowed out wood pieces, bamboo and reeds are used. In more traditional times, expensive pipes were made of amber. No matter which type of wood you prefer in a pipe, you will be able to enjoy all the advantages of smoking from a real wood pipe. 

To put it bluntly, there are many advantages of using natural wood pipes. The first advantage is that these cost less than glass pipes. This is really good news for collectors, as you will be able to build a vast collection of gorgeous wooden pipes for less than if you were collecting glass pipes. Also, wooden pipes are less breakable than glass pipes. The reason is obviously due to the fact that wooden pipes don’t break or shatter if it slips accidentally from your hand. This gives you a hassle-free smoking experience each and every time without you having to think about being careful about dropping a glass pipe. Wooden pipes are also easier to clean than other types of pipes. There is also a wonderful, hard-to-attain woodsy flavor that a wooden pipe tends to give tobacco, creating a mix of tastes and flavors that you can’t achieve with any other type of pipe.

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Which Wood is Best?

Most pipes today are made of oak or briar wood. Whether these are machine or handmade, these are suited particularly well to pipe creation for a few great reasons. For one thing, briar wood is fire-resistant. It is also able to absorb moisture inherently. In its natural habitat, the briar burl absorbs water to supply the tree during the dry season. This makes it the perfect wood to create pipes with as it naturally absorbs moisture. Burls of briars are cut into two block types including plateaux and ebauchon. The outer part of the burl is plateaux while the heart is the ebauchon. These two block types produce the highest quality of pipes. Many artisan pipe carvers actually prefer using plateaux since its grain is superior.

Different pipe makers use different types of wood, whether these are hand or machine-made. No matter if you go with a teak wood, walnut pipe or oak, you will be sure to enjoy the experience of smoking from a well-made, beautifully crafted wooden pipe.


written by: jennycos1