Why Is Odd-O-Box™ Becoming So Popular?

Wooden Pipe Odd O Box.jpg

When it comes to a portable all-in-one pipe, nothing beats Odd-O-Box™. Created amidst the lush greenery of the Oklahoma’s Ozark Mountains, you are assured of high quality and durability. This all in one craft pipe is convenient, windproof and always ready to take the next hit. 

Self Loading

These wooden pipes actually load the next bowl! Once you have your material ground up and ready to go in the chamber, just spin the wheel and the auger automatically feeds everything in to the bowl, ready to go!


The convenience of this wood pipe is hard to beat. Great for camping and hiking, this handmade tobacco pipe is made with 100% all-natural wood so you can enjoy a completely relaxing one hitter wooden pipe experience. This craft pipe is easy to take along with you wherever you go because it has a discreet shape that fits in any pouch or pocket. It is a unique, convenient and durable accessory. The wood finish of this tobacco pipe is smooth and feels comfortable in your hands. 


No matter what the weather is like, or whether you are smoking indoors or out, you can be assured that you get the same full-bodied pipe-smoking experience. All the contents you have within your craft pipe are conserved. Virtually smokeless, you get to enjoy this cost-effective wooden pipe smoking experience where you know that nothing is wasted no matter where you light the pipe. Unlike old fashioned pipes, this wooden pipe won’t have loose plumes or fill up a room with smoke. It is completely enclosed so after you take a hit you can put it right back in your pocket. 

All In One

Enjoy carrying everything around with you conveniently in one compact unit. Rather than bringing around an entire convenience store amount of paraphernalia, you can enjoy the easy mobility this all-in-one compact unit gives you. Smoke this tobacco pipe whenever or wherever you want to without a long ceremony of having to pack a bowl, having to make sure nothing falls out and hoping that no strong winds occur the moment you light your pipe. With this device, you can enjoy a seamless, stress-free smoking experience each and every time. 

Always Ready When You Are

Why Is Odd-O-Box™ becoming so popular? Whenever you want to smoke, this all in one pipe is ready. Take a one hitter in seconds. You will love the fact that this all in one compact design stores your stash safely and is virtually smokeless. The best part is that it is big enough to hold everything you need for a great pipe smoking experience, while being compact enough to fit right in your back pocket. This worry-free pipe won’t break in half when you sit down and even looks like a pack of cigarettes that slips in and out of your pocket with supreme ease.

How It Works

All you need to do is to load the chamber with the contents, load the bowl automatically by spinning the wheel, slide the lid open and light the pipe. You will love how this all-in-one accessory also works as great storage for your stash. Unlike a traditional pipe, you don’t have to worry about a thin, long pipe that breaks in two the moment you pack it along with the rest of your stuff. Instead, you can keep this in your jeans or shorts pocket and never have to worry about anything. You can free your mind to think of other, more important stuff and enjoy all the convenience of having a handy pipe whenever you need a hit.

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