The All-In-One Pipe

It is not really hard to see why the all in one pipe has become quite popular these days. Not only is everything combined in these on-the-go, compact pieces, but everything you need is neatly composed into one neat bundle.

Demand has definitely increased for pipes such as these because they do make life much easier. Plus, these pipes do elevate your pipe-smoking habits up another notch. There are so many great features to the All-In-One Pipe, it's hard to determine what to list first.

all in one pipes

The Most Discreet Wooden Pipe You Can Hope For


Before anything else, it is a good idea to know what an All-In-One Tobacco Pipe really is. Yes, it is a smoking pipe but its features go beyond that. Some have storage for your smoke of choice, whether that be tobacco or herbs such as cannabis. We've even seen some all-in-one's that come with a built-in lighter.

Discreet, easy to carry and okay to bring with you (if legal) as you travel in some states, these pipes are the best method of keeping your tobacco, herbs or cannabis stash private. With cannabis becoming legal for medicinal use and recreational use in many states, an All-In-One Pipe that can hold everything you need without you having to think of a gazillion things is quite convenient, to say the least. Just grab and smoke!


No-Mess Mobility


Unlike traditional, regular pipes, the All-In-One Pipe features no mess, no odors and total mobility. All natural wood is said to be porous, thus absorbing and masking odors while maintaining a natural look. If your all in one pipe is made from wood like teak, walnut or oak, you will usually be able to store your pipe without noticing unpleasant odors.

Say goodbye to scorched fingers and lips as the All-In-One Pipe is literally, everything you look for combined ingeniously into one convenient pipe. 

Ever drop a pipe? Especially glass pipes, but even on some other metal pipes that have become brittle, one drop is the end! With an all in one wooden pipe, you can drop it from 30 or 40 feet with no problems. Even if it falls in water it will float for a while so you can recover it!


Self Loading Pipe

Perhaps the ultimate highlight of a discreet all in one pipe is the auto loading feature. The Odd O Box™ contains a custom nickel coated auger located inside the chamber to fit your particular pipe. Once your tobacco or herb is in the chamber, packing each bowl is as easy as spinning the wheel that activates the auger.

You don't even have to pack your own bowl anymore!


A True Advantage


When you smoke The All-In-One Pipe, you get the true advantage of not having to buy too many pieces and parts, screens, butane, refills, cords and plugs...forget that!

Instead of buying a storage and lighter separately, all you need to do is to get yourself one of these all-in-one wooden pipes and spare yourself a lot of clutter. Plus, you never have to think about where you put your stash of tobacco or herb again when you have a pipe such as this one. 

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